DMV News

Stalemate in Minnesota Shutdown Affects DMV

"The Minnesota state government officially shut down all non-essential services on Friday, July 1st, 2011. The situation is eerily similar to what is presently occurring in Washington, D.C. Because … [Read More...]

Texas DMV Fights Moving Scams with New Online Tools

There is a new scam that is becoming quite common in Texas. Two individuals got recently scammed by a moving company they hired to move them. What happens is that they hire the moving company to … [Read More...]

Florida Learners Permit Test Online

"Do you need to take the learners permit exam test in Florida? If so, you can now take it online again. This is a very controversial way of allowing people taking the exam test, since people can … [Read More...]


Speeding Tickets And Moving Violations

Sure, you may have read so many articles about how to avoid speeding tickets and moving violations, but the question is, were they all effective? Are you still looking for fool-proof ways on how to … [Read More...]

How To Get A Vehicle Title And What Its Used For

A vehicle title is very important especially if you have just purchased the car. If it is a new car without a previous owner, then it is your responsibility to get a car title for it. If there was a … [Read More...]

Driving Records

Driving Records – How To Find Them

Your driving records can be used by several different agencies for different purposes. Most commonly, the Federal or State governments use it to monitor your driving habits. How a particular offense … [Read More...]

Vehicle Records

How Will You Obtain Your Vehicle Records?

The DMV maintains a copy of your driving records, including your vehicle history reports, any vehicle criminal records and court reports, etc. A copy of your vehicle records is to be given to your … [Read More...]