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The DMV Handbook is an informational resource that helps people navigate the often confusing processes at their local DMV.

Have you ever had to stand in line for hours at the DMV to renew your drivers license?

Have you ever gone to the DMV to get your license plate renewed, or transfer the title for a car you just sold, only to find out you didn’t have all the paperwork that you needed?

Or, do you just need to find out the address and opening times and hours of the DMV office closest to you?

If so, DMV Handbook is just for you!

The goal and mission of DMV Handbook is to provide the most complete, up to date, and useful resource about all facets of driving that you might have to deal with the DMV about. From drivers license renewals to DMV office locations to your state’s insurance coverage requirements – we’ve got you covered!

What Makes DMV Handbook Different?

1. We care about our visitors. We work hard to make sure we give you all of the information you need for dealing with the DMV, in an organized and easy to read format. We read all of your comments and feedback and make every effort to respond quickly, and use your feedback to continually improve DMVHandbook.org.

2. We are passionate about driving. We love to drive and we know that in order to safely follow your passion for driving you have to follow the rules – the rules of the road, drivers license requirements, insurance coverage, and more. That’s a lot of rules, and we give you a simple guide to understanding the rules, so you know what to do.

3. You’ve got a voice, too!. Do you have a helpful tip to share? Did you have a really awesome or terrible experience at a particular DMV office, and want to tell everyone about it? If so, you’re in the right place, because DMVHandbook.org is the only site of its kind that allows you to post a comment on all of its pages – so you can tell your story, too!

4. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve stood in line for hours at the DMV. We’ve had to make a second trip because we didn’t have the correct paperwork. We’ve felt that feeling of pride and excitement when we walked out the door with our very first drivers license! We’ll show you how to handle your business at the DMV, and how to be prepared and do it right the first time.

5. DMV Handbook is up-to-date with the latest information. Offices close, and rules change – but we stay on top of the changes so you have the information you need. Also, we always give you links to the appropriate official DMV or other government website for services that you are able to use online.

6. DMV Handbook is free and safe to use. There is no charge to use our site, and no tricks. Some sites charge you for the same information, or try to trick you into buying a book, or trick you into their site is the official DMV site, when it is not. At DMV Handbook there are no tricks, no games, and no charge to get the information you need.

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