Vehicle Registration -Do It Simply

The procedure of vehicle registration entails two basic steps:

●        Verification of details

●        Documentation of a vehicle formally in the official records

Vehicle registration is legally binding, and at the same time, is needed when you want to re-sale your motor vehicle. The law of the State demands that all the modes of transportation should be registered. It is fundamental to establish your possession and rights over the automobile; so it is required when there is a transfer of ownership of the same. If your vehicle is not registered, you cannot even trace it back, in case it is stolen or lost.

If you want to register your vehicle, there is little you need to worry about. It is simple and the steps entail no complication. For vehicle registration, you need to visit the website of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). The DMV is a government agency that operates at the state-level; it is responsible for the administering of driver licensing, as well as registration of vehicles, in the United States of America. Download the form meant for this purpose, get a print out and fill in the details asked for. After putting the date and your signature, take the form to the local DMV in your area.

A pink slip has to be acquired; ensure that it contains the signature of the sellers. The pink slip might also be referred to as the certificate of title. You need to put your signature in an allotted space on the pink slip. The next step of vehicle registration happens to be obtaining of the odometer disclosure, in case the automobile is not equal to or more than ten years old. The mileage information has to be entered in the selected part of the pink slip too.

If your motor vehicle is more than six years old, you have to provide a smog certificate. After this, the vehicle registration fee needs to be paid. The fees will be calculated by the DMV based on the model of your car and the year of its purchase. Transfer fees need to be paid if the car is sold. You need to pay it within ten days of selling it.

Vehicle registration renewal can be done in a simple manner, as well. All you need for the procedure are a computer, the internet, the notice for renewal, the registration renewal code and a credit card.


  1. Amanda Hunter says:

    I was told and wrote down 10 am with 9:45 arrival time. Renee rudely told me no you weren’t told that, we do this all the time, you will have to come back!” I drove almost an hour from Beaumont, left work and was rudely told to come back and it was not 10am yet! So I have missed hours ($$$) from work and gas money. I also noticed she spoke to the Hispanic couple short as well. I am hoping this was not any race relations rearing its ugly head. I was given a supervisors number-Nona. I was never able to reach the supervisor. The number just rang. I am helping to pay Texas employees salaries and really expect to be treated better. I am a nurse and work with the public and understand how important it is to speak to people with respect.

  2. Linda spafford says:

    I took my son for his road test in Easthampton Ma, Phil the instructor was a total asshole. I knew it the second I saw him, very mean and rude .i have the view cam when you back up,went to my mechanic the night before to see if he knew how to shut it off, said he didn’t but it should be allowed for the test, the more safety features the better. Phil said you should know how to turn them off. Didn’t even give my son a chance to take the test, what a waste of my time, like I said knew he was an asshole as soon as I saw him! Thanks for nothing Phil @ssh0le!!!!!

  3. Sally Taylor says:

    I haven/t received my registration renewal for two years. Have not been driving because of illness. I
    was not worried about it at the time. What do I need to do to get my renewal form? Please tell me
    what I need to do? Thank you!

  4. Dawn Seidel Kazimir says:

    I need to renew my registration…..can I do it online?

  5. Tammy Quatrano says:

    I’m from Connecticut. How do I register my vehicles here in Florida? There is a lien on both of them

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